Jemena welcomes Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy

Jemena welcomes Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy

Energy infrastructure company Jemena has welcomed Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy and said it supports Dr. Alan Finkel’s promotion of hydrogen, and green, renewable gas as a solution to the country’s energy mix.

In delivering his report, Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy, Finkel said Australia can become a leader in ‘shipping sunshine’ for export markets and that domestic hydrogen will ‘give us opportunities to expand into new and revitalised industries’.

“We welcome these comments and we were pleased that Dr. Finkel referenced Jemena’s Western Sydney Green Gas (WSGG) project in his report as a demonstration of how existing gas pipeline infrastructure can be used to store excess renewable energy,” Jemena said.

The $15m WSGG project is jointly funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and is due to commence late next year when the first electrolyser in New South Wales (NSW) is installed.

It is estimated the Jemena Gas Network – the largest in Australia – can store as much renewably generated hydrogen as 8 million new Powerwall batteries.

By repurposing existing assets, savings on new, unnecessary infrastructure will reduce customer costs in the long run, as well as result in current appliances, such as cook top, heaters and hot water systems, using gas generated via solar and wind power.

“Greening the NSW gas network is not as far off as some people think, and calls to Australian companies and investors by Dr Finkel, and others, to activate the supply of hydrogen, can only help stimulate the industry. Jemena is well placed to support this,” the company highlighted.

“We are also proud of the input some of our team have had in assisting Dr. Finkel in shaping the 136-page Strategy.”

“In particular, we acknowledge the contributions of Mike Davis, Network Innovation Manager, Alistair Wardrope, Senior Engineer, Renewable Gas and Gabrielle Sycamore, General Manager, Strategy and Commercial.”

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