KBR to supply ammonia cracking unit for South Korean hydrogen power plant project

US-based engineering firm KBR’s hydrogen technology has been selected by Hanwha Impact Corporation to make up part of its commercial ammonia cracking unit in Daesan, South Korea.

Under a license and engineering design contract, KBR will supply its H2ACT™ technology make up the ammonia cracking unit to convert the carrier back into hydrogen before use in a planned power plant.

The unit, planned to deliver over 200 tonnes of clean hydrogen per day, is hoped to pave the way for large-scale sustainable hydrogen utilisation in the country.

Earlier this year (2023), PSM, Thomassen Energy and Hanwha Power Systems said they successfully operated at gas turbine with a 60% hydrogen blend at a power plant in Daesan, jointly owned by Hanwha and TotalEnergies.

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“We are honoured to be selected by Hanwha for this flagship project, which will accelerate the realisation of their decarbonisation targets and play a vital role in Korea’s national sustainability objectives,” said Doug Kelly, President, Technology at KBR.

KBR has been selected to lead numerous hydrogen-related projects for high-level companies globally, including the likes of bp’s hydrogen project portfolio, Chemours’ $200m expansion plans, and Avina Clean Hydrogen’s 2,200 tonne per day green ammonia project.

South Korea, although a leading nation in progressing hydrogen use, looks set to be a high importing nation in the future, meaning hydrogen carriers such as ammonia could be crucial.

The Hydrogen Council’s Global Hydrogen Flows report suggested South Korea will be a region that consumes more hydrogen than it produces, with potential trade flows from Australia and the Middle East expected to form from 2030.

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