KEYOU receives Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label

KEYOU receives Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label

Munich-based clean mobility start-up KEYOU has received a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label for its hydrogen technology.

As a technology leader for hydrogen combustion engines, KEYOU is working flat out to change the automotive industry towards sustainability and resource efficiency.

After more than 20 years of experience with hydrogen, one thing was clear to the company from the outset: in the long term, this change is not possible without water and sun.

“With our KEYOU-inside technology, we not only want to play our part in the mobility revolution but also generate an attractive business case,” explained Thomas Korn, CEO and one of the founders of KEYOU.

“The combination of scalability and the flexible adaptation of the KEYOU technology platform to different engines and vehicle systems allows rapid market penetration with high volumes at diesel-equivalent prices.”

To achieve this ambitious goal, the team is  working intensively on the mobility of  the future.

“There is huge interest in our technology, not only from our direct customers, for example, engine and vehicle manufacturers but also from end customers as well as transport companies, logistics, and freight forwarding companies with their truck fleets,” said Korn.

“Of course, we are pleased to be part of the #1000solutions program now.”

It was, above all, the commitment to environmental protection combined with KEYOU’s immense spirit of innovation that led the Solar Impulse Foundation to include the Munich-based high-tech company among its “1,000 solutions that are changing the world”.

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