Kiwa and Alliander building demo hydrogen house

Kiwa and Alliander building demo hydrogen house

To enable professionals to learn how to make the current natural gas supply suitable for hydrogen in residential areas, testing, inspection and certification (TIC) leader Kiwa and Alliander are building a hydrogen house together in the Netherlands.

Located in Apeldoorn, the training residence will be designed a residence and the demo house is expected to be operational by next fall.

Kiwa and Alliander said they are currently busy with the construction and furnishing of the hydrogen house, which will have a heating system, kitchen and meter cupboard. There will also be a course and meeting room for training and other meetings.

Dutch company Alliander handles the distribution of energy in a third of the Netherlands and is currently preparing a hydrogen pilot project in Lochem, which will see homes with natural gas transferred to hydrogen.

The trial takes place in a neighbourhood where many older homes are located that are less suitable for the application of heat pumps or district heating.

Replacing natural gas with hydrogen is therefore an alternative, because the existing natural gas network can be used and central heating boilers that run on hydrogen can be applied.

Residents of this pilot neighbourhood in Lochem will soon be able to take a look to see what adjustments are needed in their homes, with the construction of the hydrogen house.

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