Kochi Green Hydrogen Hub ‘first of its kind’ in India

India Hydrogen Alliance (IH2A) and the Government of Kerala are jointly evaluating a proposal for building the Kochi Green Hydrogen (KGH2) Hub, a large-scale green hydrogen hub with multiple use cases.

The proposal envisages potential capital expenditure of US$575 million, to build a 60-tonnes per day (TPD) green hydrogen plant with a 150 MW Electrolyser, Storage and Infrastructure, which could achieve giga-watt scale and build the hydrogen economy in Kerala.

The plan was shared by IH2A and the Kerala Government, after a consultation meeting between government, industry and funding agencies.

IH2A’s KGH2 Hub plan is modelled after the Hydrogen Valley projects in the EU, to create production, storage, transmission and end-use infrastructure for green hydrogen (in compressed gas and liquified form) within a 50km radius cluster in Kochi.

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