KOGAS expects to supply 830,000 tonnes of hydrogen by 2030

KOGAS expects to supply 830,000 tonnes of hydrogen by 2030

The Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) is aiming to seize the hydrogen opportunity as it expects to supply 830,000 tonnes of the clean energy carrier by 2030.

As part as a large-scale expansion into the clean energy market, KOGAS will also look to establish 152 hydrogen refuelling stations, 1GW of distributed fuel cells and create a carbon neutral hydrogen mega station platform.

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With this, the company also expected operating profits for hydrogen to reach around ₩3 trillion ($2.53m).

This development into the hydrogen market could see Korea significantly benefit from the rising demands and projects that KOGAS conduct as it builds towards its 2030 targets.

With significant investment and projects set to support the Korea ecosystem, the nation could become a hub for the clean energy carrier on its path to net zero emissions.

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