LAVO launches subsidiary to break into German hydrogen market

LAVO launches subsidiary to break into German hydrogen market

LAVO, an Australian technology and lifestyle company powered by hydrogen, has laid the groundwork for its expansion into Germany with the establishment of LAVO Germany GmbH.

Germany has seen significant investment in its hydrogen market, €9bn ($10.9bn) by the government, to put the nation at the forefront of international clean hydrogen energy technology.

Because of this, Germany has been recognised as a key market for the company and, to break into the lucrative market, LAVO has established a German subsidiary, LAVO Germany GmbH, which will be based in Berlin and led by Matthew Driscoll.

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The LAVO Germany office will play a critical role in promoting the full range of LAVO products, including storage solutions ranging from the small-scale 40KWh unit to the industrial scale 13MWh HEOS unit.

The office will also be an important foothold in the European region where LAVO already has established several partnerships and continues to grow its network of customers, manufacturing and supply partners.

LAVO’s growth plans in Germany includes the launch of the LAVO cargo bike, a logistical mobility solution and the first commercially produced hydrogen bicycle, the company has said.

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Hydrogen products and business initiatives will benefit from the landmark agreement between Australia and Germany, in September 2020, to explore the potential for collaboration opportunities on hydrogen supply.

Alan Yu, CEO and Executive Director of LAVO, said, “We are pleased to be expanding our footprint into Germany and, importantly, to become the first Australian hydrogen technology company to establish itself in the German market.

“Since the launch of the LAVO System, the Company has already experienced significant demand from Germany, demonstrating the need for LAVO to build out its local supply capabilities.

“Now that we have established our local team, we look forward to building our presence on the ground and developing partners to deliver our products.”

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LAVO is headquartered in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Our technology is truly Australian – from research to development to commercialisation.

LAVO™ is changing the way people live with energy. As the world’s first hydrogen technology and lifestyle company, LAVO™ designs and manufactures renewable hydrogen energy storage solutions for residential and commercial use. The LAVO System uses innovative, patented metal hydride technology to store hydrogen equivalent to up to 40kWh electricity – enough to power an average household for more than two days without the reliance of the grid.

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