Lightsource bp and Dourogás target Portugal with eight new green hydrogen sites
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Lightsource bp and Dourogás target Portugal with eight new green hydrogen sites

Portuguese gas grids could soon be injected with green hydrogen produced at eight new sites set to be developed under a unique agreement inked today (Dec 23) between Lightsource bp and Dourogás.

Under unveiled plans, as much as 200MWp of solar projects could be developed by Lightsource bp to power 130MW Dourogás electrolysers that will convert water to green hydrogen and oxygen.

Already throwing support behind the major effort, the EU’s Portugal 2020 fund has said it will support the first development with a €5m grant.

On the plans, Miguel Lobo, Country Head for Lightsource bp in Portugal, said, “Solar is scalable, quick to deploy and today, cheaper than any other form of electricity. We’ve always believed in solar as a vital tool in decarbonisation.

“When used to generate green hydrogen, it becomes an entire energy transition toolkit. The clean energy locked into these hydrogen molecules can immediately cut the footprint of industries, heavy transport and heat in ways electricity alone cannot.

“This partnership is a beacon of the possible. It shows what the energy sector can do not in 2050, or 2030 but right now.”

Looking at other benefits besides decarbonisation, the duo believes that at its peak, more than 1,000 direct and indirect jobs could be created through the joint venture.

Nuno Moreira, Group CEO, Dourogás, added, “This partnership between Dourogás and Lightsource bp results from the priority that these companies place on the development of new energy green projects.

“This partnership materialises, both in technical and dimension terms, the capacity and the vision of these two companies. It is undoubtedly a step forward towards the decarbonisation of the economy to which Dourogás is committed, paving the way to a sustainable world for the next generation.”

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