Lightsource BP joins South Wales project to support future green hydrogen deployment

Lightsource BP joins South Wales project to support future green hydrogen deployment

Solar power developer Lightsource BP on Monday (29th March) announced its participation in the South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC) – a project which will be crucial in developing a hydrogen economy in South Wales.

The UK-based company and other members of the SWIC will work together to enhance the flexibility of the electrolyser technology and increase its efficiency for renewables.

This in turn will lay the groundwork for new routes to cost-effective, easily scalable hydrogen produced with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

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Lightsource BP said it sees the project as an opportunity to contribute towards meaningful innovation and research into viable opportunities for technology, including solar, that could complement the future deployment of green hydrogen.

With a portfolio of seven grid-connected solar power stations across the region, it is expected that this energy output, totalling almost 30MWp, will contribute to the growing hydrogen infrastructure.

In addition to this, Lightsource BP will bring its extensive global perspective to the project by sharing knowledge from other green hydrogen initiatives that the company is already involved with, primarily in Australia and Europe.

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Chris Buckland, Technical Director at Lightsource BP, said, “Green hydrogen represents a big step in decarbonising the global fuel supply, sustainably supporting industries across all sectors.”

“This announcement is a great step forward for the UK, and our participation in the SWIC is an example of how solar expertise can play a much wider role through innovation across the energy sector.”

Buckland added, “We’re excited to have this opportunity to demonstrate the quality of Lightsource bp’ knowledge and expertise and look forward to working with our partners to help drive the development of green hydrogen.”

The project is looking to constribute significantly to the UK’s carbon reduction commitment and the UK’s ability to locally manufacture low or net zero carbon cement and steel products.

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