Lubrizol to advance fuel cell durability with new research

Lubrizol to advance fuel cell durability with new research

Lubrizol has received a $1m grant to advance work focused on improving the durability of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells through enhanced membrane oxidation performance – an effort which is thought to add more than 25% to a fuel cell lifespan.

Awarded by the US Department of Energy (US DOE), the grant will help enable the advanced adoption of such technology which promises a lower cost of lifetime ownership for several different applications where PEM fuel cells will be used.

Commenting on the work, Deb Langer, Senior Vice-President of Lubrizol Corporate Ventures, said, “As a company, Lubrizol is focused on the opportunity to leverage our existing technologies and introduce new capabilities that will address challenges in emerging markets and adjacent fields.

“This grant will leverage foundational Lubrizol technologies and market knowledge in unique and valuable ways. More durable fuel cell technology will be a substantial step forward in how the world moves cleaner.”

As part of the grant proposal, the Lubrizol team, focused on new energy solutions, will collaborate with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to conduct validation testing of the enhanced membrane technologies.

Over the course of the next year, the Lubrizol team will continue its work to study, enhance and test new membrane technology.

Matt Joyce, Vice-President of Commercial, Corporate Ventures, said, “Industry engagement and understanding the biggest challenges facing stakeholders today have driven this work. Our team has considered solutions to the complex needs in the market and have applied our technology and application science to solve these issues.

“We look forward to progressing this work with NREL to deliver a meaningful solution to an emerging market and continuing to engage industry stakeholders who can benefit from this technology advancement.”

The Lubrizol work will support the next round of [email protected] research, development and demonstration activities.

Exclusive: Fuel cells are not ‘fool cells’

© Ballard

For Nina Hjorth, Director of Strategy and Market Development at Ballard Power Systems, there’s one misconception around fuel cells that always stands out to her.

“Some specific individuals like to refer to fuel cells as ‘fool cells’ and keep arguing against the role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the future energy system,” she told H2 View. “To me, it’s not a matter of the one technology over the other; I say that both fuel cells and batteries are two complementary technologies, and both are needed to face our climate challenges and to decarbonise the transport industry.”

“I think that ‘either or’ perception is one of the biggest misconceptions around our technology. It’s a joint effort from several technologies to get us to the end game.”

Fuel cell technology is particularly exciting to Hjorth because of the role it can play in the future of the planet.

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