Macarthur Minerals, LAVO to implement hydrogen storage into Lake Giles iron project

Macarthur Minerals, LAVO to implement hydrogen storage into Lake Giles iron project

Macarthur Minerals has signed a strategic partnership with LAVO Hydrogen Technology today (June 1) that will see an investigation take place into the facilitation of hydrogen technology into the Lake Giles Iron Project in Australia.

Under the agreement, the first phase of the collaboration is expected to involve Macarthur being assigned between three to five patented LAVO 40kWh hydrogen storage units for integration into the remote worker accommodation facilities.

These accommodation facilities will be constructed to support at DSO mining operation at Ularring, near Lake Giles in Western Australia.

It is believed that should a successful project definition and satisfactory supporting economics be assessed, the LAVO hydrogen storage units could be installed on site as early as Q4 2021.

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If the trial program at Ularring is successful, then Macarthur and LAVO intend to examine opportunities to develop a fully localised micro-grid engineering solution that includes a solar PV array, a centralised hydrogen hydride containerised storage system and appropriately sized fuel cell.

This will support the energy requirements for Macarthur’s planned high grade magnetite iron ore mine at Lake Giles, following successful delivery of the Company’s current Feasibility Study.

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LAVO, an Australian company, uses an innovative, patented metal hydride to produce hydrogen energy batteries.

The battery system acts as a solar sponge, integrating with solar arrays to capture and store renewable energy for use when needed.

The unit creates hydrogen from water, stores the hydrogen into LAVO’s patented metal hydride and generates electricity by converting the hydrogen into power.

Andrew Bruton, CEO of Macarthur Minerals, said, “The partnership is great news for an emerging Western Australian hydrogen industry.

“It has the potential to create an opportunity for a regional energy and logistics solution using hydride to help manage the problem of empty shipping containers moving between the region and ports.

“Switching to a rail or road-based energy in – Product out container approach, could be a huge story for the mineral resources sector in WA and the Goldfields region in particular.”

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LAVO is headquartered in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Our technology is truly Australian – from research to development to commercialisation.

LAVO™ is changing the way people live with energy. As the world’s first hydrogen technology and lifestyle company, LAVO™ designs and manufactures renewable hydrogen energy storage solutions for residential and commercial use.

The LAVO System uses innovative, patented metal hydride technology to store hydrogen equivalent to up to 40kWh electricity – enough to power an average household for more than two days without the reliance of the grid.

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