MAHLE expands hydrogen portfolio

MAHLE expands hydrogen portfolio

Automotive parts manufacturer MAHLE is expanding its application portfolio for hydrogen in an effort to decarbonise transportation.

The Stuttgart-based yesterday made the announcement at the same time it revealed its new membership with the Hydrogen Council.

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“I’m firmly convinced that hydrogen will play an important role in the de-fossilisation of our national economies,” said Dr. Jörg Stratmann, CEO and Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board.

“MAHLE is working together with the Hydrogen Council to lay the foundation for the worldwide introduction of hydrogen-based mobility.”

The MAHLE CEO believes that the recently announced hydrogen initiatives enforced by the German Federal Government and the European Union (EU) are sending out positive signals.

In a statement, Stratmann said, “The German federal government and the EU have taken important steps in the right direction.”

“However, there is still a lot to be done to industrialize fuel cell technology consistently and complement the highly efficient combustion engine with regenerative fuels, which is important in terms of climate and industrial policy.”

MAHLE has been a series supplier for fuel cell vehicles for over a decade. The technology group holds a particularly strong position in the complex air intake system and in the temperature control of fuel cell systems.

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