Major breakthrough in green hydrogen production set to reduce the costs by 15%

Major breakthrough in green hydrogen production set to reduce the costs by 15%

A major breakthrough in green hydrogen production has been achieved in Denmark with an innovative solution that reduces the costs of hydrogen production through electrolysis by approximately 15%.

The method to achieve this would include increasing the size of the electrolysis cells to grant more efficient and effective splitting of hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

In utilising larger cells, the Ramboll foundation has said that the costs associated with an electrolysis plant can be halved contributing to a 50% reduction in the production costs of stacks and cells.

With this, the method will then reduce the cost of green hydrogen production by around 15%.

The breakthrough has been achieved by Anne Lyck Smitshuysen, a Danish researcher specialising in electrolysis technology and has seen her receive the Flemming Bligaard Award from the Ramboll Foundation.

Anne Lyck Smitshuysen said, “Through my research, I have discovered that it is possible to increase the size of the cells from the current standard of 150 cm2 to 1000 cm2 without them breaking during manufacturing.

“This is the equivalent of scaling a slice of toast to a computer screen.”

Robert Arpe, Chairman of the Ramboll Foundation, said, “Anne Lyck Smitshuysen’s work is a technological breakthrough in Power-to-X research that will have a major impact on the future production of green hydrogen.

“With the Flemming Bligaard Award we want to help accelerate her research, which will be crucial not only for Denmark but also for the rest of the world’s path towards net-zero.

“Anne Lyck Smitshuysen is at the same time a role model and a great source of inspiration for other young people seeking a career within the field of engineering and science.”

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