Major green hydrogen project planned for California

Major green hydrogen project planned for California

Global energy company SGH2 Energy has announced plans for what it claims to be the world’s largest green hydrogen facility in the City of Lancaster, California.

The plant will feature SGH2’s technology, which uses waste, including plastics, to produce “greener than green” hydrogen that reduces carbon emissions by two to three times more than green hydrogen produced using electrolysis and renewable energy.

Hosted and co-owned by the City of Lancaster, the plant will produce up to 11,000 kilogrammes of green hydrogen per day, 3.8 million kilogrammes per year, and will process 40,000 tonnes of waste annually.

“We know a circular economy with renewable energy is the path, and we have positioned ourselves to be the alternative energy capital of the world,” explains Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.

“This is game-changing technology. It not only solves our air quality and climate challenges by producing pollution free hydrogen, it also solves our plastics and waste problems by turning them into green hydrogen and does it clean and at costs far lower than any other green hydrogen producer.”

Developed by its CEO Dr. Robert Do, SGH2’s technology has been vetted and validated, technically and financially, by leading global institutions including Barclays, the Fluor Group and Shell New Energies’ gasification experts.

“The world needs some good news right now, and we have it. Affordable, mass-produced, reliable green hydrogen is the missing link needed to decarbonise the world” said Dr. Do.

A consortium of global companies and institutions have joined with SGH2 and the City of Lancaster to develop and implement the Lancaster project including Fluor, Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, Thermosolv, Integrity Engineers, Millenium, HyetHydrogen, and Hexagon.

Global engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance company Fluor Group will provide front-end engineering and design as well as the complete technology integration for the facility.

SGH2 will provide a complete performance guarantee of the Lancaster plant by issuing a total Output Guarantee of hydrogen production per year, underwritten by the largest reinsurance company in the world.

According to the statement released today, California’s largest owners and operators of hydrogen refuelling stations are in negotiation to purchase the plant’s output to supply current and future hydrogen refuelling stations across the state.

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