McPhy to deploy two hydrogen stations in France

McPhy to deploy two hydrogen stations in France

McPhy will deploy two hydrogen stations with a capacity of 400kg of hydrogen per day each, connected to a 1MW electrolyser in Dijon Métropole, France.

To promote and develop its hydrogen infrastructure, Dijon Métropole has created, with Rougeot Energie, the project company Dijon Métropole Smart EnergHy (DMSE).

The first step of the deployment plan is to implement, in the north of Dijon, a McPhy hydrogen solution composed of two hydrogen stations, coupled with on-site hydrogen production.

Four distribution terminals for both heavy and light vehicles will be available to supply a fleet of hydrogen vehicles, which will initially be made up of 27 buses, nine garbage trucks and around 15 light vehicles.

The project is expected to reach a total of 200 buses, 50 garbage trucks and 250 light vehicles by 2030.

The electrolyser connected to produce hydrogen on site will be powered 90% by electricity from a household waste incinerator and the remaining 10% will come from locally produced renewable energies.

“The project supported by Dijon Métropole Smart EnergHy contributes to the democratisation of hydrogen as a zero-emission alternative for public, professional or private transport,” Laurent Carme, CEO of McPhy, said.

“Our stations will make it possible to supply all the hydrogen mobility in the region: buses, garbage trucks, utility and private vehicles.”

“Buses, for example, will be able to refuel with hydrogen produced on site, from household waste or local renewable energies, and travel more than 300 km without emitting any CO2 or polluting particles.”

“More than ever, we are convinced that hydrogen has a decisive role to play in the fight against air pollution and climate change.”

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