MEG expands truck division to include hydrogen vehicles

MEG expands truck division to include hydrogen vehicles

Mobile Energy Global (MEG) has today said it will rename to Medici Motor Works (MMW) as part of its expansion program that features hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The rebranding is a culmination of several months of real-world testing and validation with China-based markets which has resulted in a business case for a variety of operators including airports, shipping ports and construction sites.

As part of its expansion program into South East Asia, South Korea, the Middle East, and North America, MMW will provide fleet operators with trucks and buses featuring battery electric vehicles (BEV) for short haul, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (H2FCV) for long haul systems.

MMW plans to leverage its pilot programme in Nanjing with PetroChina, to market grid edge and charging technologies able to transform gas stations into cost-efficient hydrogen charging stations in North America, providing a strategic transition programme for petroleum distributors looking to transition into clean energy consumption.

MMW is already active in the China truck market, which is estimated at over 11 million heavy trucks with a market value of approximately RMB 4.9 Trillion or $700bn and has conducted successful pilot programs and trials with leading partners including CATL and Beiben.

Under the program, MMW will leverage its H2FCV partner’s solutions which have been in operations for over four years with more than 1,000 H2FCV buses and it expand these offerings to trucks.

The company hopes that the plans announced today will help the introduction of its H2FCV and BEVs to the North America and South East Asia markets in 2021, which will then determine the timing for expansion into other markets.

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