Met Police trialling hydrogen vehicles

Met Police trialling hydrogen vehicles

London’s Metropolitan Police is trialling a fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles in a bid to reduce its vehicle emissions to zero by 2050.

The UK’s biggest police force said its embracing clean energy technology and is continuously exploring new ways to reduce emissions via alternative fuel and energy.

“Alongside our existing fleet of hybrid and electric cars, we want to explore whether hydrogen power could also become part of our future,” Seth Finkelstein, Met Police’s Fleet Services Air Quality lead, said.

“We have a range of zero and ultra-low emission vehicles (including hybrids, fully electric, and hydrogen) as part of our fleet, in fact, we now have over 500 of these in operational roles.”

“We are striving to increase this amount as we move forward and are continuously engaging with vehicle manufacturers around new technologies and are open to trial all new technology that can support our operational requirements, such as hydrogen and fuel cell power.”

“It should be noted however, that as new technology is rolled out, there are always barriers to overcome. In this instance, it’s the availability of hydrogen refuelling stations that will need to be addressed to help further the use of these vehicles.”

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