Morrison’s $1bn energy deal with South Australia includes funding for ‘priority’ areas such as hydrogen
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Morrison’s $1bn energy deal with South Australia includes funding for ‘priority’ areas such as hydrogen

South Australia is to receive AUS$400m ($351m) in funding to support clean energy projects such as hydrogen as part of a $1bn energy deal unveiled by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday (18th April).

This will help support a hydrogen infrastructure in the region which is already home to several large projects that are set to catapult the region into the global hydrogen market.

Port Bonython, Port Adelaide and Cape Hardy/Port Spencer are three hydrogen hubs that were previously identified by the South Australia Government that could be enhanced by the new backing.

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The new AUS$400m ($351m) funding could support these hydrogen hubs to grow and introduce new plants to facilitate the expanding market and increase export potential.

South Australia intends on doing this by exporting its hydrogen to Europe through the Port of Rotterdam, boosting hydrogen development between the two areas allowing Australia to grow into the lucrative European and Asian hydrogen markets.

Dan van Holst Pellekaan, Minister for Energy and Mining, said, “The joint commitment to develop hydrogen hubs in South Australia is a strong sign to our global partners in Asia and Europe that South Australia can lead the nation in this new industry.”

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Hydrogen-powered vehicles is another area set to receive a boost by the funding which could see new refuelling stations set up to facilitate the introduction of new hydrogen fuel cell powered cars, buses and trucks.

This comes with the news last month (29th March) of Toyota’s new AUS$7.4m ($5.67m) hydrogen centre in Altona, Victoria, which the company is hoping will pave the way for the new Mirai’s to enter the Australian market.

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Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia, said “This agreement coordinates our efforts to deliver a hydrogen export industry in South Australia, deliver carbon capture and storage to reduce emissions, deliver the infrastructure needed for electric cars, and generate new revenue for farmers from carbon reductions.”

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