Naftogaz, RWE to explore green hydrogen opportunities in Ukraine

Naftogaz, RWE to explore green hydrogen opportunities in Ukraine

Green hydrogen opportunities in Ukraine are at the heart of a new partnership between Naftogaz and RWE.

The duo on Saturday (August 22) inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore beneficial cooperation’s in the green hydrogen market and its derivatives, such as ammonia, within the region.

Unveiling details of the partnership, Yuriy Vitrenko, CEO of Naftogaz, said that Ukraine has great potential for a developing hydrogen economy.

As part of Naftogaz and RWE’s plan, the duo will look at the development of green hydrogen and ammonia production and storage in Ukraine and its import to Germany.

They also will explore commercial opportunities for the sale of Ukrainian green hydrogen in European markets, with a focus on RWE’s core markets.

On the news, Vitrenko said, “Ukraine has great potential for the development of the hydrogen economy in cooperation with Germany.

“As a national company, Naftogaz is ready to be a pillar of this development. We consider green hydrogen as our strategic priority, and we are happy to work on it with RWE, our reliable partner in trade and natural gas supplies.”

Ulf Kerstin, Member of the Board RWE Supply and Trading, added, “Hydrogen will be key to the decarbonisation of the industry, as certain parts cannot be electrified with renewable energy.

“As a partner of the industry, RWE is part of that solution. We are very pleased to jointly explore with Naftogaz opportunities for supply of green hydrogen from the Ukraine in future.”

It is thought the groups representing the two companies will start working within the next month.

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