Naval Postgraduate School receives Navy’s first hydrogen UAS

Naval Postgraduate School receives Navy’s first hydrogen UAS

The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, has received the Navy’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered rotary-wing unmanned aerial system (UAS).

The six-rotor UAS ‘Hycopter’ features a blade tip-to-blade tip diameter of 7 feet, a take-off weight of approximately 36 pounds with a five-pound payload, and a flight duration of approximately two and a half hours.

The all-electric platform is powered by an ultralight PEM fuel cell fed with compressed hydrogen gas.

The Hycopter will be used to support a Naval Research Programme project which studies the feasibility of using compressed hydrogen as a power source for naval platforms.

The UAS will also be used to support future research projects that require long-endurance aerial data collection.

The implementation of hydrogen fuel cell technology illustrates a step change in UAS productivity and widens the scope of applications that are currently limited by battery technologies.

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