New ABB flowmeter will optimise hydrogen in the automotive sector

New ABB flowmeter will optimise hydrogen in the automotive sector

Global engineering company ABB has developed a new flow meter to help the automotive industry optimise the use of hydrogen to power electric drive trains.

The Sensyflow FMT700-P Compact thermal mass flowmeter is the latest addition to ABB’s product range already proven for measuring engine intake air on test benches.

Accurate to 0.8% of reading, across extenable and adjustable measuring ranges, the new flowmeter is ideally suited to fine-tuning the efficiency of cells that combine hydrogen and air to produce electrical power, emitting only water in the process.

The Sensyflow FMT700-P Compact was developed to test conventional turbochargers and components such as throttle values, intake fans and air filters, but its additional capability to analyse the performance of hydrogen fuel cells is of great interest to the automotive industry due to hydrogen’s promising ways to eliminate carbon emissions.

Gerrit Weppner, Global Product Manager for Thermal Mass Flowmeters at ABB, explains, “The P Compact measures the mass of streaming gases directly in the unit kg/h. This means it is fast and the results are immediately comparable because they do not have to be compensated.”

“The P Compact is also highly accurate over a wide measuring range of 80 to 5000 kg/h for a device of nominal diameter 200 mm. In a hydrogen fuel cell test, it will measure the amount of air that enters the fuel cell to combine with hydrogen, and the response time is less than 25 milliseconds which makes it ideally suited for detecting rapid load changes.”

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