New Australian startup to provide breakthrough hydrogen-powered energy storage
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New Australian startup to provide breakthrough hydrogen-powered energy storage

A new Australian startup has been established that will develop hydrogen-powered energy storage aimed at delivering sustainable, reliable and affordable power.

Endua has been backed with A$5m ($3.87m) in funding, technology and industry expertise from CSIRO, Main Sequence and Ampol, Australia’s largest fuel network.

The startup’s hydrogen-based technology will make it possible for regional communities, towns and industries such as mines and remote infrastructure to become self-sustaining form the grid, using only renewable energy.

The clean power generator and storage unit will be in a modular power bank that can drive power loads of up to 150kW in a single pack.

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The company will use new electrolysis technology developed at CSIRO to produce hydrogen from within the device, leveraging the agency’s pioneering science and experience to enable the storing and delivering of renewable energy in a cost-effective way.

Ampol has backed Endua as part of its future energy and decarbonisation strategy helping to bring industry and customer knowledge to develop, test and commercialise the technology.

Sales are expected to initially focus on the off-grid diesel generator market, which accounts for $1.5bn of diesel and 200,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum.

Paul Sernia, CEO of Endua, said, “We are rapidly transitioning to renewable energy to power our homes, our transport and our businesses.

“Solar, wind, hydro and batteries all play a part in getting us to net zero. Yet there are places and situations where these sources won’t get us all the way there.

“Hydrogen will play a crucial role in our transition but only with the right technology and business model to make hydrogen power generation and storage cost-effective. Endua is making both achievable.”

Dr. Larry Marshall, Chief Executive of CSIRO, said, “Unlocking the benefits of hydrogen needs a Team Australia approach, with collaboration between science and industry powered by commercialisation expertise, which CSIRO is uniquely placed to drive through its newly launched Hydrogen Industry Mission.”

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