New catalyst pellet technology to produce cost-competitive low-carbon hydrogen

New catalyst pellet technology to produce cost-competitive low-carbon hydrogen

Honeywell and ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies have today (Nov 3) revealed the intention to commercialise a new technology that improves the efficiency and carbon intensity of steam methane reforming for hydrogen production.

By coupling the ZoneFlow Reactor Technology with Honeywell hydrogen solutions carbon capture for hydrogen production, low-carbon hydrogen production becomes much more efficient and less expensive.

The result of this is low-carbon hydrogen that is much more cost-competitive with other alternative fuel sources helping to transition to cleaner solutions.

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The technology is based around a new structured catalyst module that replaces conventional pellets in SMR tubes providing better heat transfer and pressure drop performance.

A test pilot for this new form of a catalytic reactors will be conducted with results expected by mid-2022.

Laura Leonard, Vice-President and General Manager of Honeywell UOP Process Technologies, said, “We see the ZoneFlow Reactor Technology as a major breakthrough in steam methane reforming.

“The much higher throughput possible with the ZoneFlow Reactors will mean significant capital savings for new SMR plants and higher productivity for existing plants.

“The additional opportunity to reduce the steam requirements to the steam methane reforming process will reduce its energy demands and overall impact on plant CO2 emissions.”

Bruce Boisture, President of ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies, said, “This collaboration with Honeywell UOP creates the strongest possible team for the commercial validation and offering of the ZoneFlow Reactor Technology.

“UOP’s broad expertise in catalysts and catalytic processes, coupled with its well-established PSA and carbon capture technologies, make it an ideal technical and commercial participant in this advanced development project.

“This partnership will provide the technical and financial resources to help demonstrate the breakthrough impact and productivity of the ZoneFlow Reactor Technology.”

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