New H2 station in Quebec City

British Columbia-based Powertech has delivered a “hydrogen station in a box” to Quebec City.

The containerised 700 bar hydrogen fuelling station is designed for rapid deployment with minimal site preparation, providing quick and easy hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, supporting fleets of alternative fuel vehicles.

The station is capable of delivering four consecutive fills to an average tank capacity of 5kg of hydrogen and is sized to fill approximately 20 vehicles per day.


Source: Powertech

All components including storage, compression, cooling and dispensing, are enclosed in a 280-foot containerised package.

The station features include a payment system for credit and debit cards, a single-hose dispenser with touch-screen user interface, and a control system with remote access capability for monitoring the station, managing station faults, and downloading station data.


Source: Powertech

Source: Powertech

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