New hydrogen storage materials under development in the US

New hydrogen storage materials under development in the US

New low cost and scalable materials are being developed in North America to store hydrogen onsite at industrial plants where it is produced as a by-product.

C-Crete Technologies and the US Department of Energy (DOE) are behind the effort, having on Monday (September 20) entered into a cooperative agreement.

Once developed, the duo believes its materials will propose a major improvement over existing technologies such as liquid hydrogen, hydrides and salt caverns.

Commenting on the materials, Dr. Rouzbeh Shahsavari, President of C-Crete Technologies, said, “Not only will our new material be capable of long-duration storage, we envision the storage and subsequent use of the hydrogen by-product in the industrial plants where it is produced.

“This means there would be no transportation or shipment required for the hydrogen, and that is really a double win. For example, utility companies can store their hydrogen by-product — which would otherwise be vented out as waste — in our sorbent material, and then months later use it to generate electricity when the grid demands more.”

“Our technology is focused on a new class of materials that exhibit a balance of capacity-kinetics-thermodynamics for hydrogen storage, devoid of the key bottleneck of current sorbents.”

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