New Hyzon Motors technology enables higher efficiency in hydrogen trucks
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New Hyzon Motors technology enables higher efficiency in hydrogen trucks

Hyzon Motors has revealed today (May 26) its breakthrough eAxle Technology which is expected to enable high-efficiency hydrogen and battery trucks.

The eAxle technology provides up to 97% motor-to-wheel efficiency, reducing loss by up to 40%, and also allows the company’s next generation 6×4 Class-8 commercial trucks to be outfitted with the technology to enable 950kW peak power.

Paired with a virtual differential, the design achieves efficiency of up to 97%, compared to industry-standard 95% with the eAxle also able to reduce the motor-to-wheel loss as much as 40% further allowing full torque regenerative braking.

Hyzon will incorporate the eAxle in its next generation Class-8 heavy trucks featuring an all-in-one electric powertrain that can be maintained easily and at a low cost, while providing best-in-class performance with an estimated electrical fuel economy of up to 19.7 mpge at full load.

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It is expected that the Class-8 heavy trucks will be able to outpace competing EVs with its larger 950kW peak power, ability to climb 20+% grades, a 0-60 acceleration rate of less than 20 seconds with a fully loaded trailer and speeds of up to 75mph governed electronically.

This will be achieved by using specialised motors in each tandem which will combine to produce the impress efficiency levels.

The eAxle may also create a significant weight reduction, crucial to maintaining payload levels for both battery and hydrogen vehicles with the technology currently pending patent.

Hyzon will manufacture this technology in its US facilities with initial sample models ready for deployment next year.

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