New partnership aims to convert Dash 8 airliner to hydrogen fuel

New partnership aims to convert Dash 8 airliner to hydrogen fuel

As part of a new partnership, electric motor manufacturer magniX and end-to-end fuel logistics company Universal Hydrogen hope to make hydrogen-powered commercial flights a near-term reality.

Unversial Hydrogen is currently developing a retrofit conversion kit for the De Havilland Canada DGC 8-Q300, commonly known as the Dash 8, to a hydrogen fuel cell electric power train. magniX will provide the electric propulsion system to power the converted aircraft

Paul Eremenko, Co-Founder and CEO of Universal Hydrogen, said, “There is a clear need for a step change in emissions reduction in commercial aviation, and hydrogen-based, carbon-free power is the future of the industry.”

“When looking for our propulsion partner, magniX stood out as a clear proven leader with a track-record of delivering the best in aerospace-grade electric propulsion. We look forward to watching the successful flights of our fully carbon-free Dash 8.”

Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX, said, “Universal Hydrogen, through its hydrogen transport and distribution infrastructure solution, is on a path to change the way regional flight is achieved and transform it from being powered by decades-old, expensive, polluting technology to low-cost solutions.”

“The magniX team is inspired by the synergies between our mission and that of Universal Hydrogen. Together we will bring scalable, proven technology to the next level of electric aviation.”

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