Report from H2GO Canada outlines hydrogen economy future

Report from H2GO Canada outlines hydrogen economy future

H2GO Canada has published a report outlining the potential for a sustainable hydrogen economy in Canada.

H2GO, a newly formed, not-for-profit company, aims to bring the public and private sectors together to facilitate the strategic development of hydrogen systems.

The aim of the report was to identify the barriers and opportunities for the deployment of hydrogen systems that could support deep, long-term reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

“The reality is Canadian companies are working internationally with governments and private sector companies to deploy hydrogen systems in a multitude of applications and all of that technology and expertise could be used here, in Canada,” said Dan Brock, Chair of H2GO Canada.

“Our study explains that hydrogen technology is not only mature, proven and capable but has a key role to play to help Canada meet its decarbonisation objectives and should be done with a net gain in employment.”

“Canadians have an opportunity to step out from behind the scenes and show the world why the country is a leader in hydrogen.”

The study summarised findings from a consultative study of more than 35 private sector companies including HTEC, Hydrogenics, Ballard Power Systems and Toyota Canada.

“Looking at what has been done around the world, we see the time has come to move past demonstration pilots and focus instead on the challenge of scaling up hydrogen markets with robust systems of supply and demand,” said Bob Oliver, CEO of H2GO Canada.

“We can use our existing infrastructure to help distribute low- and zero-carbon hydrogen that meets society’s demand for heat, power and mobility in a way that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”

“The role for H2GO Canada is to help mobilise public- and private-sector partnerships to accelerate the deployment of sustainable hydrogen systems in Canada, and to promote adoption of hydrogen technologies though education.”

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