New SOFC hydrogen generator revealed by Upstart Power

New SOFC hydrogen generator revealed by Upstart Power

A new solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) hydrogen generator has been unveiled today (Nov 23) by innovative company Upstart Power which aims to bring sustainable backup energy in residential and industrial energy management.

Upstart Power’s Upgen NXG delivers hydrogen fuel cell power which is grid independent making it a perfect component for backup power generation in various applications.

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The Upgen NXG Fuel Cell Generators are superior long-duration backup systems that are safe, clean, efficient, quiet, scalable, versatile, easy to install, and maintenance free.

As well as this, Upgen NXG Fuel Cell Generators are said to be deployed in combination with battery storage and optional solar and enable comprehensive energy resilience and indefinite backup operation in residential and industrial applications.

Paul Osenar, CEO of Upstart Power, said,” Upstart Power continues to diligently collaborate with our partners to accelerate the commercialisation of solid oxide fuel cell technology for deployment at scale.

“The Upgen NXG Fuel Cell Generator empowers homeowners and industrial customers with the benefit of full power resilience without having to compromise on safety, environment or cost.”

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