New Zealand to invest in hydrogen, support roll-out of nationwide station network

New Zealand to invest in hydrogen, support roll-out of nationwide station network

New Zealand’s Labour party has pledged to invest in emerging technologies like green hydrogen, and support the roll-out of a nationwide hydrogen station network, in a bid to position the country as a world leader in renewable energy.

Prime Minister, and Labour leader, Jacinda Ardern on Thursday announced that Labour is bringing forward the goal of 100% renewable electricity generation by five years to 2030.

Ardern said the electrification of the transport and industrial sectors would be accelerated and investment would be made in green hydrogen in a bid to advance technologies.

“The initiatives we are announcing build on work we have done already, including the establishment of a $70m fund to help major industrial users decarbonise; a $20m Renewable Energy Research Platform; putting $27m towards the establishment of Are Ake – the New Energy Development Centre; and supporting the roll-out of a nationwide hydrogen refuelling network,” Ardern said.

“Investing in cleaning up our energy use is good for our economy because we will reduce our reliance on imported energy from overseas while expanding innovation in new clean energy technologies.”

“We also support new jobs in new industries like green hydrogen, and prevent further pollution and costs to the community.”

“A great example of work we can do to become a world leader is the development of a green hydrogen industry.”

Megan Woods, New Zealand’s Energy and Resources Minister, commented, “We can produce some of the cleanest green hydrogen in the world, and potentially receive a premium for it in international markets.”

“We are already working with other countries including Japan and have invested in a nationwide fuelling network and will invest $10m in a roadmap and further opportunities.”

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