NewHydrogen provide update on cost-effective green hydrogen research

NewHydrogen provide update on cost-effective green hydrogen research

NewHydrogen has provided an update today (June 1) on the progress of its green hydrogen technology development under a sponsored research agreement with the University of California (UCLA).

The research project, in collaboration with the UCLA, is currently focused on replacing iridium, a precious metal that is only found in asteroids, with earth abundant materials to help meet or exceed the performance of iridium.

It is hoped that the research will create robust and inexpensive materials with an outstanding ability to catalyse the electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction (OER) while also achieving overall high-performance water electrolysis for hydrogen production.

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The company has previously reported that a baseline non-precious metal based OER catalyst had been selected and successfully synthesised upon adjusting its physical parameters and conditions to exhibit the best material characteristics.

NewHydrogen has stated that a non-precious metal-based catalyst has been created that demonstrated significant improvement of OER in acidic conditions.

The researchers plan to scale up the process for studies in electrolysers for a later phase with the new catalyst a good candidate for commercial water electrolysis systems.

It is expected that a fully functioning hydrogen producing electrolyser will serve as a reference prototype to help electrolyser manufacturers worldwide to assess the breakthrough technology and create low-cost green hydrogen.

Dr. David Lee, CEO of NewHydrogen, said, “We are very pleased to see the exciting progress being made in our green hydrogen program at UCLA.

“We have great confidence in Dr. Huang and her team, and plan on further extending the OER side of the sponsored research program beyond the current term.”

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