Nikola awarded $1.7m from US Department of Energy

Nikola awarded $1.7m from US Department of Energy

The US Department of Energy has awarded Nikola Motor Company $1.7m to advance its research into fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA).

The joint grant was funded by the US Department of Energy’s Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Transportation Office under the recently announced FY19 Commercial Trucks and Off-Road Applications FOA.

“This award provides an opportunity for the highly talented Nikola team to leverage expertise in academia and exceptional resources within the DOE Fuel Cell Consortium for Performance and Durability to accelerate a breakthrough the will benefit the entire hydrogen and fuel cell industry and community,” said Jesse Schneider, Executive Vice-President of Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies at Nikola.

Along with professors from Carnegie Mellon University, Northeast University and Georgia Institute of Technology, Nikola will pursue a new approach and MEA architecture to satisfy the high-power output and durability requirements of heavy-duty applications.

The project will see Nikola bring together advanced concepts in catalysts, ionomers, proton exchange membranes, and gas diffusion layers with MEA by using appropriate, scalable fabrication methods.

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