Nikola Badger preorders open at 11am ET

Nikola Badger preorders open at 11am ET

Four months on from unveiling its new “game changer” electric-hydrogen truck, Nikola Corporation will today accept preorders for the Badger at 11am ET.

Designed to outperform pickups in its class, Nikola describes the Badger as the “world’s most advanced zero emission FCEV/BEV pick-up truck” which will help drive down the cost of fuel cell components while accelerating the hydrogen station rollout.

With an estimated range of 600 miles, Nikola said the Badger is unlike anything on the market and is designed to target and exceed every electric or petrol pick-up in its class.

“The technology on the Badger is next to none; it has one of the most advanced powertrains and infotainment systems on the market,” said founder and Executive Chairman Trevor Milton.

“The features include over-the-air updates, keyless entry, independent torque control of every wheel, 906 HP, 980 ft. lbs. of torque, 15 kilowatt power export with 220V and 110V, tie-down tracks inside the truck for cargo, hidden refrigerator, up to 600 miles of range, and waterproof displays.”

“You couldn’t dream of building a better pickup truck than the Badger and we offer it in both fuel cell and battery-electric options.”

“At Nikola World 2020, our followers will have the chance to see the Badger in action, so you don’t want to miss this show.”

The three-day Nikola World 2020 event will kick off with a party for preorder reservation holders only on 3rd December, the unveiling and live concert on 4th December and general public access and limited ride-alongs on 5th December.

Badger preorder reservation holders receive a guaranteed seat at Nikola World 2020.

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