Norway hosts Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy Conference

Norway hosts Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy Conference

Last week world hydrogen leaders from 19 nations gathered together in Florø, Norway, for the fourth annual Maritime Hydrogen and Marnie Energy Conference.

Over 160 participants attended the event to discuss global issues and new technical possibilities and challenges in maritime hydrogen and marine energy.

The two-day event was filled with speakers discussing all aspects of the hydrogen value chain. Building the first hydrogen-electric ferry, Zero Emission Ship Technology Association: The roar of the tide of change, and Climate Change: Today’s most important variable on Maritime Businesses were just a few of the sessions offered at the conference.

Fire and explosion consultant Gexcon also spoke at the event, discussing hydrogen safety and the recent hydrogen refuelling station explosion in Sandvika near Oslo, Norway.

Discussing the event, Allan Dale from the University of Prince Edward Island, said, “It [the event] really provides a great opportunity to connect the dots between industry partners, Government officials, and in my case, academic officials.”

Conference attendees had the opportunity to network with each other at an evening dinner, enabling them to form relationships and discuss the crucial steps towards achieving the energy transition.

As a whole, Norway is in a prime location for leading the global energy transition to electrification and use of hydrogen. The West Coast of Norway showcases clean energy in the form of hydro, wind, wave and stable tidal currents that can be used to produce green hydrogen to fuel boats.

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