NREL launches Hydrogen Filling Simulation software

NREL launches Hydrogen Filling Simulation software

The Nationals Renewable Energy Laboratory has released the Hydrogen Filling Simulation (H2FillS) software, a thermodynamic model designed to track and report the transient change in hydrogen temperature, pressure, and flow when filling a fuel cell vehicle.

H2FillS stimulates gas flow from the hydrogen station to the car storage system. Using empirical fuelling data sets, the model has been validated over a range of fuelling conditions to match common light-duty fuel cell vehicle fill profiles.

The software can be used to:

  • Safely design and operate a hydrogen fuelling station.
  • Support code refinement with readily available data.
  • Develop system and operational improvements to reduce capital or operating costs at hydrogen stations or on-board fuel cell vehicles.

H2FillS uses a “drag-and-drop” graphical user interface to simulate station and vehicle systems with preset parameters for common hydrogen station components as default values.

When needed, users can define their own parameters to create their own station and vehicle components.

H2FillS will automatically output fill performance data from the vehicle by tracking pressure and temperature throughout the fill. Users can input their own fill profiles into the model to run a variety of simulations.

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