Oakland hydrogen station opens

Oakland hydrogen station opens

California’s 41st hydrogen station opened at the weekend in Oakland.

The tenth station to open in the San Francisco Bay Area, this True Zero station, developed by First Element, has a larger capacity than previously built True Zero stations.

Reflecting the ongoing evolution of hydrogen stations across California and the growing number of fuel cell electric vehicles, the station will be supplied by liquid hydrogen and have a capacity of more than 800kg.

1,000 hydrogen stations by 2030 is achievable in California

That’s three times the capacity of previously built open retail True Zero stations and it will also have two fuelling positions with three nozzles – two at H70 and one at H35.

With two fuelling positions, two cars will be able to fuel simultaneously, increasing the number of vehicles served in a shorter time.

The opening of the station occurred on the same day that Governor Newsom issued his first climate executive order, part of which focuses state agency action on creating demand for zero emission vehicles.

The station will be open 24 hours a day and is located at 350 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610.

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