Octopus Hydrogen to fuel zero emission flights
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Octopus Hydrogen to fuel zero emission flights

When ZeroAvia’s next flight takes off from its R&D centre at Cotswold Airport, UK, it will be powered by 100% green hydrogen provided by Octopus Hydrogen.

The hydrogen-electric aircraft developer today (August 26) said it will supplement its on-site electrolysis hydrogen production with the clean fuel from Octopus Hydrogen to power its HyFlyer II project.

More recently in the HyFlyer II project, ZeroAvia said the 600kW hydrogen powertrain successfully pulled a new 15 tonne HyperTruck mobile ground testing platform across the tarmac – a major milestone for the project.

Now, partnered with ZeroAvia, and relatively new to the hydrogen market, Octopus Hydrogen, an Octopus Energy Group company, offers green hydrogen as a service for a variety of industries, including aviation, to power a zero-carbon future.

Excited about the company’s new contract, William Rowe, Founder and CEO of Octopus Hydrogen, said, “We started Octopus Hydrogen to deliver 100% green hydrogen to those sectors that cannot be decarbonised through batteries alone.

“Aviation is a perfect use case for green hydrogen, and we are delighted to be supporting ZeroAvia over the coming years with the supply of high pressure, pure and zero carbon hydrogen.

“Global aviation accounts for around 2% of global human-induced CO2 emissions. So, finding a way to maintain the benefits of flight without destroying our planet is a hugely exciting opportunity and critical for the UK to achieving Net Zero.”

Backed by the UK Government, the HyFlyer II project will see the company develop a certifiable 600kW hydrogen-electric fuel cell powertrain which will power a 19-seat aircraft with 500 nautical mile range – and ZeroAvia wants the technology to hit markets in 2024.

Sergey Kiselev, Vice-President of Europe at ZeroAvia, added, “In order to achieve a commercially available certified zero emission hydrogen-electric aircraft powertrain we need large amounts of 100% green hydrogen, and we are pleased to work with a UK-leader in this field.

“Hydrogen-electric aviation is the only practical path to decarbonising flight at scale, as well as removing other harmful emissions from aviation that contribute to global warming.”

Exclusive: ZeroAvia to have first hydrogen-electric aircraft in commercial operation by 2023

“In three years’ time, we are going to have in commercial operation the first aircraft powered by hydrogen-electric engines, and you will be able to buy a ticket to one of your favourite destinations.”

That’s what ZeroAvia founder and CEO Dr. Val Mifthakov told viewers watching the final instalment of H2 View’s three-part series of webinars, powered by gasworld TV, and hosted by H2 View’s Managing Editor Rob Cockerill, today.

Founded in 2017, ZeroAvia is currently developing a new type of engine based on hydrogen fuel cells that aims to transform the highly pollutant aerospace industry into a cleaner sector.

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