OGE to inject green hydrogen into grid

OGE to inject green hydrogen into grid

Green hydrogen is set to blended into the natural gas network in Haren, Germany, as early as next year.

As part of a new contract, hydrogen from the 16 wind turbines of the Bürgerwindpark, a community wind farm with a total capacity of 67.2 MW, will be fed into OGE’s local pipeline system.

As part of a site expansion, the wind farm will be equipped with a 2MW electrolyser to convert the wind power into hydrogen.

“This contract is the first-of-its-kind for green hydrogen injected into our pipeline system,” said Frank Reiners, OGE’s Commercial Director. “It shows that we are already taking concrete steps to help build a future hydrogen economy.”

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The next step now is to develop a project implementation plan. Hydrogen blending could start as early as next year and hydrogen volume expected to be fed into the gas network is approx. 400 m³/h.

“We are looking forward to constructive cooperation with OGE in implementing this forward-looking project and hope to jointly establish green hydrogen in the gas industry to help drive the energy transition,” said Christoph Pieper, Managing Director of BW Bürgerwindpark Fehndorf-Lindloh.

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