One year to go: Toyota unveils Tokyo 2020 zero emission transport

One year to go: Toyota unveils Tokyo 2020 zero emission transport

This time next year the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games will be underway, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is hoping to leave a hydrogen society as its legacy.

Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe declared in 2016, “The 1964 Tokyo Olympics left the Shinkansen high-speed train system as its legacy. The upcoming Olympics will leave a hydrogen society as its legacy.”

Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota shares this hydrogen society vision and has unveiled the various mobility it will bring to the Olympic and Paralympic Games next year.

Toyota’s three main pillars for Tokyo 2020 centre on:

  1. Mobility for all – allowing all people the freedom to move
  2. Sustainability – centering on the realisation of a hydrogen society
  3. Transportation support for the Games using the Toyota Production System

With these three pillars, Toyota has been aiming to provide mobility solutions that go beyond the traditional provision of vehicles.

The Worldwide Olympic Partner will provide a wide range of zero emission vehicles including fuel cell electric vehicles for the 2020 Games, in line with Japan’s carbon reduction goals.

Tokyo 2020 Senior Director for Sustainability Yuki Arata said, “We want to address the issue of climate change and therefore appropriately manage resources throughout the Olympics.”

“By engaging the general public […], we hope that we will be able to raise awareness of these sustainability issues even after the Olympics, and that this effort will continue and become a legacy for the future.”

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