Orkney hydrogen strategy out for consultation

Orkney hydrogen strategy out for consultation

Orkney Islands Council is currently carrying out the consultation process for the proposed Orkney Hydrogen Strategy.

The strategy will support the already in place Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy.

Although the Council are carrying out the consultation, the intention is that the Hydrogen Strategy is owned by the whole Orkney community, and takes into account local industry and community groups who have an interest in the development of hydrogen use in the country.

The strategy provides a link between different hydrogen projects that are already established or that are in planning.

Orkney currently has several ongoing innovative and significantly green energy projects that generate hydrogen through electrolysis powered by renewable sources such as community wind and tidal energy.

The Orkney Hydrogen Strategy will contribute to the Council’s ongoing efforts to address climate change emergency, especially within the transportation and heating energy sectors.

The consultation will be carried out during July. The draft Orkney Hydrogen Strategy will replace a previous Council document produced in 2016.

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