Plans for Thames Estuary hydrogen ecosystem take significant step forward

Plans for Thames Estuary hydrogen ecosystem take significant step forward

A roadmap to realising a hydrogen ecosystem in the Thames Estuary, UK is set to be created by net zero consultancy firm Ikigai, supported by DNV GL.

The Thames Estuary presents a unique opportunity for investment in hydrogen infrastructure at scale, like nowhere else in the UK.

Next to one of the world’s leading cities, which has a constant strain on its energy and transport infrastructure, the Estuary could play a vital role in the Green Recovery, supporting a decarbonised London and keeping the UK on track towards a net zero future.

The potential requirements and challenges for delivering such a hydrogen infrastructure in the Thames Estuary were discussed at a virtual summit in November 2020.

Organised by the Thames Estuary Growth Board, the summit revealed significant interest in the development of a hydrogen ecosystem in the Thames Estuary.

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Ikigai and DNV GL will now create a roadmap to realising this transformational opportunity.

The Hydrogen Investment Strategy will evaluate and identify the potential for investable hydrogen generation, distribution, storage and usage infrastructure within the Estuary, helping to meet the commitments made in Thames Estuary Growth Board’s ambitious action plan ‘The Green Blue’.

This includes driving green growth and spearheading the development of a hydrogen ecosystem to enable the greening of our transport on land and water and accelerating decarbonisation.

“Hydrogen is a key element of the energy transition because of its versatility and application in the hardest to decarbonise sectors: foundational industries, shipping, aviation, railways and the gas network,” said Helena Anderson, co-founder of Ikigai.

“We can’t wait to start stakeholder engagement – with government, industry, prospective investors, delivery partners and local developers.”

“We are confident that, working with Thames Estuary Growth Board and hydrogen techno-economic modelling specialist DNV GL, we can translate the Green Blue action plan into billions of net zero investment into the south-east.”

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