Plans for UK-wide network of hydrogen hubs unveiled

Plans for UK-wide network of hydrogen hubs unveiled

Plans for a UK-wide network of hydrogen stations that would reduce the cost of hydrogen by more than 20% have been unveiled today (26th Jan).

A new deal between UK geoscience and geospatial products firm Getech Group and H2 Green will see the two companies locate, rank and build a network of large-scale hydrogen generation, storage and refuelling hubs, around a model that represents a shift from higher-cost, on-demand hydrogen production, to a system designed around surplus storage and optimised cost.

Getech said it will develop proprietary workflows that use real-world data to predict patterns of hydrogen use and identify potential hydrogen hub locations.

This data-driven approach underpins H2 Green’s plan to deliver a low-cost national network of reliable clean hydrogen for the UK.

Based on modelled project economics, Getech said it believes H2 Green’s approach has the potential to reduce hydrogen costs by more than 20%.

The deal includes an exclusive option for Getech to buy H2 Green.

“The hydrogen economy is an exciting growth area where we see material potential to apply Getech’s geoscience and geospatial expertise in work for existing and new energy customers,” said Jonathan Copus, CEO of Getech.

“We are therefore delighted to be using our core skills to support the creation of a national hydrogen infrastructure.”

“The opportunities for our skills and technologies to generate revenue whilst supporting the decarbonisation of the transport sector are significant.”

“Getech’s option to purchase H2 Green is illustrative of the ambition, scope and materiality of the group’s zero-carbon business development activities.”

“This option provides Getech shareholders with a potential path to capturing transformative asset value, and this is a commercial model that Getech is exploring in other areas of its energy transition work.”

“This work also demonstrates Getech’s adaptability and our focus on the broader hydrogen economy including the potential to apply our geoscience expertise to challenges associated with carbon capture and seasonal hydrogen storage.”

In addition, H2 Green has signed an additional deal with SGN Commercial Services, part of the SGN Group, to explore the potential of regenerating sites across Scotland and the south of England to create green hydrogen hubs.

These hubs would facilitate green hydrogen generation, storage and retail, providing access to a cleaner and greener alternative to diesel for buses and HGVs.

In a UK first, the parties are also exploring the feasibility for green hydrogen, which would be produced on site, to be stored in redundant gas holders.

“With the SGN Group’s extensive portfolio covering Scotland and the south of England, converting these sites would open a vast network of supply to hydrogen customers, such as hydrogen-powered HGV and bus operators, easing fleet operator range anxiety and lowering cost,” Getech said in a statement.

An initial focus list of 30 potential hydrogen hub locations has been agreed, and the companies will now work in collaboration to progress detailed technical and commercial diligence.

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