Plug Power and Charlatte America partnership proves successful

Plug Power and Charlatte America partnership proves successful

Back in April (2019), Plug Power and Charlatte America delivered fuel-cell powered electric cargo tuggers for FedEx’s use at the Albany International Airport.

After months of operation, the fuel cell-powered cargo tuggers posted impressive results. Since February, the tuggers have been in operation five days a week and endured temperatures ranging from 5°F to 91°F, including 41 days in below-freezing temperatures.

The tuggers that feature Plug Power’s ProGen hydrogen fuel cell technology can tow up to 40,000lbs of weight for up to four hours without stopping.

“Plug Power’s work bringing hydrogen fuel cell power to FedEx and Albany International Airport proves once again that fuel cells are ready to take centre stage,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power.

“FedEx moves a tremendous volume of packages through its Albany operation each day, and these vehicles have risen to the occasion while withstanding the most challenging conditions.”

“We’re eager to show off the success of this programme and the leanings we’ve gained that will help us expand the use of fuel cell vehicles, both in the world of shipping and logistics, and far beyond.”

“Knowing that transportation is one of the leading drivers of greenhouse gas emissions, I am proud that our own Albany International Airport is partnering with local companies here to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations,” said Congressman Tonko.

“Responsible environmental practices and improvements to our transportation systems and a win for everyone.”

Plug Power has deployed more than 28,000 GenDrive fuel cells in the field worldwide.

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