Plug Power opens new facility to meet increased demand

Plug Power opens new facility to meet increased demand

For the second time this year, Plug Power has expanded its presence in New York’s Finger Lakes region with the opening of another facility in Rochester.

Together, the facilities include engineering and administrative offices, research and development (R&D) laboratory space, and a warehouse location.

Last month Plug Power announced the largest second quarter in its history, highlighting the need for its new facilities. The company is also on pace be to the largest membrane electrode assembly (MEAs) producers in the country by year’s end.

Plug Power reports record Q2 results

MEAs play a key part in the fuel cell which enables the hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the air to create electricity, Plug Power has been producing MEAs since September (2018).

“As CEO of a prominent Upstate New York business, I am delighted that Plug Power has been able to grow its presence in the great city of Rochester,” said Andy Marsh, Plug Power’s CEO.

The new labs are equipped with technology and resources that support Plug Power’s effort to reduce costs, improve durability, and develop new materials for its MEAs technology electricity.

The move will also bring an array of job opportunities within the fuel cell market to the Greater Rochester area.

“New York State leadership has been incredibly supportive of the work we’re doing, and the Finger Lakes region has proved itself to be not only rife with incredible talent, but also a wonderful place to live,” Marsh concluded.

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