Plug Power partners with ENGIE

Plug Power partners with ENGIE

Plug Power Inc. has signed an agreement with ENGIE to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell systems in the logistics sector.

The agreement will see the two companies identify mutually beneficial markets and customers, packaging Plug Power’s fuel cell technology with ENGIE’s hydrogen infrastructure, renewable energy and service programmes to deliver cost effective hydrogen energy solutions.

“We’re excited to partner with ENGIE, a leading global provider of clean energy solutions, to accelerate market penetration for hydrogen fuel cells around the world,” said Andy Marsh, Plug Power’s CEO.

“Given the global commitments to meet targets of the Paris Accord, we and ENGIE believe there’s a tremendous opportunity for expansion of hydrogen and fuel cells to provide a clean, efficiency energy alternative to fossil fuels.”

By combining the companies’ knowledge, the agreement will facilitate adoption of hydrogen as an efficient clean energy source for forklifts and throughout customers’ logistic chains, especially within distribution centres, ports and airports.

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