PowerCell joins Swedish Electromobility Centre

PowerCell joins Swedish Electromobility Centre

Fuel cell stack and system developer PowerCell Sweden has joined the Swedish Electromobility Centre.

With its new membership PowerCell will share its knowledge on fuel cell technology, as well as increase Swedish efforts with fuel cell deployment.

“Fuel cells will play an important role in the electrification of the transport sector so having a leading fuel cell company joining will strengthen the operations of the centre,” said Göran Lindberg, Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology and theme leader for Energy Storage at SEC.

The Swedish Electromobility Centre was founded in 2007 by the Swedish Energy Authority in partnership with the Swedish automotive industry and academia.

The Centre aims to acquire strategically important knowledge and competency within the electric and hybrid vehicle technology and to support and cooperate with the Swedish automotive industry in the field.

PowerCell will contribute both financially and by in-kind work related to specific projects within the fuel cell area.

“We are very positive to our participation in the Centre as it will provide us with both increased knowledge and a chance to contribute to an increased understanding of the opportunities presented by the fuel cell technology,” said Thomas Tingelöf, Chief Technology Officer at PowerCell Sweden.

“And we are not only talking cars, buses and trucks but also trains, ships and airplanes.”

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