PowerCell to provide hydrogen fuel cell systems to H2FLY

PowerCell to provide hydrogen fuel cell systems to H2FLY

PowerCell will provide hydrogen fuel cell systems in 2022 to German-based H2FLY to be implemented into various aircrafts.

Unveiled today (Nov 17), the €720,000 ($814,000) order will see P System 100 fuel cell systems supplied to develop hydrogen-electric powertrain solutions for the aviation market with H2FLY targeting hydrogen power for AirTaxi, general aviation and regional aircraft.

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 Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell said, “The interest in hydrogen-electric solutions is growing quickly within the aviation industry and PowerCell has received several orders from the industry over the last 12-18 months.

“Fuel cell-based drivetrains offer an attractive zero-emission alternative for the electrification of short-distance and regional aircrafts.”

Professor Dr. Ing Josef Kallo, CEO of H2FLY, said, “Hydrogen fuel cells enable a low noise, emission free electric aircraft propulsion. With our 15 years of powertrain system experience we are heading for certification and will change aviation!”

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