Prof. Ad van Wijk confirmed to open H2 View Hydrogen Summit 2020

Prof. Ad van Wijk confirmed to open H2 View Hydrogen Summit 2020

H2 View has announced four speakers and chairs already signed up to participate in its Hydrogen Summit 2020 event in Munich next year, including an opening keynote talk from the sustainable energy entrepreneur Prof. Ad van Wijk.

Under the theme Realising Hydrogen’s Future Role – and Scaling Up, the Hydrogen Summit 2020 is dedicated to addressing these many-splintered topics within the hydrogen economy.

Held from 7th-8th April 2020 at Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, the event will provide invaluable networking opportunities between hydrogen suppliers, end-users and equipment innovators alike.

Powered by gasworld and introducing H2 View to the events stage, the Summit’s progressive agenda will deliver the experts and insights to drive debate and provide key ‘takeaways’ to help companies strategise their future role in the clean energy sector.

This progressive day of discussion and debate will get underway in earnest with the confirmed keynote talk from Prof. Ad van Wijk, the ‘Sustainable Energy Entrepeneur’ and part-time Professor of Future Energy Systems at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

Expertise in energy systems

In 1984, Prof. van Wijk founded the company Ecofys, which eventually grew into Econcern and went on to develop many new sustainable energy products, services and projects. Examples include the 120 MW offshore wind farm Princess Amalia in the North Sea, several multi-MW solar farms in Spain, and a bio-methanol plant in the Netherlands which is the largest second-generation biomass plant in the world.

He has achieved many important prizes for excellent entrepreneurship, amongst others he was named Dutch Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007 and Dutch top-executive in 2008. He was also honored by KWR more recently, appointing him Honorary Fellow in 2018.

In addition to his role with TU Delft, today Prof. van Wijk works for KWR Water Research Institute to develop and implement the research programme Energy and Water, and is the hydrogen ambassador at the ‘New Energy Coalition’ to realise the green hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands.

Attendees of gasworld’s Clean Energies Conference 2018 in Amsterdam will be familiar with Prof. van Wijk, having seen him deliver an engaging and characterful after-dinner talk at the event in at the historic Beurs van Berlage hotel and share his insights from decades working in the clean energies sector.

At the Hydrogen Summit 2020 in Munich in April, Prof. van Wijk will again bring this considerable expertise in clean energy systems to the event and underscore the importance of hydrogen in the future energy transition.

Confirmed speakers

Other already confirmed speakers for the event include PDC Machines’ Kareem Afzal, discussing hydrogen compression technology and the SimpleFuelTM concept, and passionate pioneer Hans-Olof Nilsson of Nilsson Energy.

SimpleFuelTM was developed by a consortium of technology innovators comprising PDC Machines, Ivys Energy Solutions and McPhy North America, and is described as the perfect urban all-in-one refuelling solution for tight spaces, easy permitting and convenient fleet vehicle refuelling operation.

With many considering material handling and vehicle fleets as a whole as key to ultimately unlocking the future potential of hydrogen passenger vehicles in the long-term, technology such as SimpleFuelTM will be a significant addition to the hydrogen energy supply chain. Afzal will discuss this technology and its importance further at the Summit.

Meanwhile, in an inspiring H2 View forum chaired by H2 View Advisory Board Member Ravin Mirchandani (Mack Valves), Nilsson will bring his intrepid journey to off-grid sustainability to the table via a talk titled From Passion to Practicality: Off-Grid, Emission-Free Renewable Energy.

The session is designed to tackle the investment and infrastructure required for the hydrogen roadmap, as well as inspire delegates with inspirational stories from projects already realised. Nilsson’s story certainly ticks the latter box, having broken ground in creating a one-stop-shop for off-grid energy solutions involving hydrogen and, in the process, adopted a mantra of making the impossible, possible.

A pioneer who turned passion into business

Regarded as a visionary, Nilsson took his passion and turned it into a game-changing business that could yet change the way our lives are powered. That vision – based upon solar energy stored in batteries and hydrogen gas and a proven case study – will be shared at the Summit in a joint presentation with Nilsson Energy Marketing and PR Director Martina Wettin.

Save the date

To achieve the vision of a hydrogen economy, companies across the value chain will need to step up their efforts in hydrogen production, infrastructure roll-out, and end-user adoption.

All of which will be addressed at the Hydrogen Summit 2020, with questions to be tackled including:

  • Where is the role of hydrogen being realised, and what have the early adopters experienced?
  • What will it take to empower hydrogen’s role in the energy transition?
  • With demand for feedstock rising, how do we meet this quickly and sustainably?
  • Where do we need to scale up to achieve the necessary benefits in cost and adoption?

Held from 7th-8th April 2020 at Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, the event will provide invaluable networking opportunities between hydrogen suppliers, end-users and equipment innovators alike.

Interest in the event is already fast-growing, so be sure to save the date and book your place at the Summit today. For more information, visit

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