Progress made on plastic to hydrogen sites

Progress made on plastic to hydrogen sites

The development of hydrogen production from waste plastics sites across the UK is set to accelerate following a supplemental collaboration agreement between PowerHouse Energy Group and Peel Environmental signed yesterday.

The collaboration will focus on the Protos Energy Park site as well as four further DMG® sites and allows Peel to act as the developer of the sites pending finalising the proposed acquisition of Waste2Tricity by PowerHouse.

PowerHouse Energy to acquire Waste2Tricity

“We very much welcome Peel Environmental taking on the role of developer for the Protos site,” said David Ryan, CEO of PowerHouse Energy.

“Their well reputed skills and experience of successfully developing major infrastructure projects will now be fully brought to bear on the roll-out of the first commercial DMG® plastic to hydrogen facility at Protos and at future sites in the UK.”

The agreement is intended to prevent any delays in the development of Protos and the four further DMG® sites in the UK.

“I am pleased to see the momentum continuing as the details of the acquisition are be finalised,” said Tim Yeo, Chairman of Waste2Tricity.

“Peel’s Plastic Parks and the PowerHouse exclusive technology will be vital to help the UK tackle its unrecyclable waste plastic problem, so the acceleration of the activity is very much welcomed.”

“This agreement cements our relationship with PowerHouse and our support for their pioneering plastic to hydrogen technology,” said Myles Kitcher, Managing Director or Peel Environmental.

“This is all part of Peel’s contribution to the UK’s journey to zero carbon, where we can not only find a more sustainable way to treat plastic waste but also create a local source of low carbon transport fuel which will help tackle air quality issues in our communities.”

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