Quantron hydrogen transporter hits the European market
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Quantron hydrogen transporter hits the European market

A new hydrogen-powered transporter has hit the European market.

German e-mobility company Quantron unveiled the new Q-Light vehicle today (Sep 30) in collaboration with fuel cell expert AE Driven Solutions.

Said to be unique to the European market, the van can be driven flexibly in electric or fuel cell mode and is comparable to diesel alternatives, offering similar refuelling times.

Depending on requirements, the vehicle can be equipped with up to four hydrogen tanks and thus achieve a range of up to 500 km.

The transporter sits in the 3.5-tonne to 4.2-tonne range within its market.

“Thanks to its wide range of superstructures, the Q-Light FCEV can be used flexibly in different areas of application, for example in the logistics industry or as a delivery vehicle,” Quantron said in a statement.

“In the future, the power of the fuel cell will also be scalable, so that the vehicle can be offered in different versions, such as a 7.2-tonne variant.”

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